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Summer 2019

Youth Retreat

October 25 - 26



School of the Spirit

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ICMI French

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Children of Destiny

Jan 28 - Feb 1

Join us as we come together to be edified by one another, thoroughly equipped for God's good work, and empowered to proclaim the Kingdom of God with boldness.  We are pleased to join with special guest speaker, Linda Klingel.


Prayer Gathering

Thursday, March 21 - Saturday, March 23, 2019

2019 E3 Women's Conference

Women's Conference

August 1 - 31

Events for 2019

Registration is completely free to all who wish to attend!  The only thing we ask is that you please register beforehand so our staff can best serve you.  Thank you!

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Family Conference


The Women’s Conference began in 1988 as a ladies slumber party in the LRM  two story ministry house, The Haven. Over the years it has been conducted in various venues in several different towns. This two day event has hosted a wide of variety of famous and not-so-famous speakers.

ICMI English

International Children's Ministry Institute

Agape Community Meal

Freedom Discipleship House

​Children of Destiny

​All Nations Worship Center

March 21 - 23

October 18 - 19

School of The Spirit

Women's Conference

Family Conference

Youth Retreat

​Prayer Gathering

Location:  Sunshine Park Sanctuary, 1200 E Union Avenue, Litchfield, IL 62056

CTC 2019 - S.H.I.F.T.


August 6 - 9

Annual Family Conference | August 6 - 9