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The Minister's Fellowship is a time of refreshing and renewing for those who are involved in the ministry. If you are a pastor, ministry leader, missionary, etc. You are welcome to come! We'll be having a time of prayer and sharing with one another followed by a fellowship dinner. Please RSVP if you'd like to attend the dinner.

LRM Prayer Gathering & Minister's Fellowship

November 9-11

Special Projects

Missions/Prayer Center


Thursday, Nov 9 (Minister's Fellowship) 2 pm + 6 pm Dinner

Friday, Nov 10:  10 am to 9 pm | Saturday, Nov 11:  10 am to 1 pm

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The PRAYER GATHERING was held in the 90s as a two day time of fasting and prayer for LRM with personal ministry at the end for the people who attended. Realizing the urgent need for increased prayer in these crucial days,  the AWAKE AMERICA Prayer Gathering has been offered for the last four years.  It has an emphasis on  repentance and praying for:  the church, the government, the nation of America, the Middle East & Israel, etc.  A variety of methods are offered to make the two days of prayer meaningful and informative. Often, special guests from various parts of the world attend and contribute from their seasoned perspective.