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Missions/Prayer Center

The historic, rustic environment in the Coffee Shoppe provides a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere to sit with friends and have a cup of coffee and/or use the Wi-Fi to work on your iPad or laptop.

​The Book Nook offers an outstanding selection of classic Christian books, along with some of the latest books, CDs, and DVDs. PLUS: T-shirts, Caps, Jewelry, Tracts, Children's Section, Youth Section, Jewish Section, Children's Teachers rack of 150 manuals, Bibles for all ages, Devotionals, and a Bargain Section.

​TOPICS: Christian Living, Marriage. Men & Women, Parenting, Sexual Issues, Church, Leadership, Current Issues, Health, Healting, Holy Spirit, Missions, Prayer, Revival, Worship, and more.

AUTHORS include: A.W. Tozer, Bob Sorge, Neil Anderson, Wigglesworth, John Bevere, and many others

CHRISTMAS CDs, DVDs and some books are offered with many already discounted.

​WEEKLY DISCOUNTS are offered in addition to the many regularly discounted items always available.