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Brian D'souza 

Tim and Christine Love


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FREEDOM Discipleship House is a  6-18 month live-in intense Christian discipleship. We are a minestry that offer Adult men and woman who needs and wants to overcoming bad habits, hurts or any types of hindrances and obstacles that would be holding them back from a full Christian maturity( living sold out to Him. This is a good place to start fresh with a walk with God and be set free for your past so you can move on forward with a good future in Christ Jesus. Whet ever it might be that has held you back drug abuse, past hurts from divorce, any abuse, people or just hang ups that keep pulling you back to a past that you don't want or need to return to. 

The Classes that are offered are basic life-skills, Bible, Celebrate recovery, emotional healing, parenting, brokenness to wholeness, anger deliverance, how to build healthy relationships ,Financial freedom and so much more. We beleave the truth of the revelation of Jesus Christ in each life will bring FREEDOM to live as a true disciple of Christ.  

Additional training is offered for the development of a good work ethic. Those who choose to continue for the long hall will be offered job training with certification toward employment.  All will be trained and participate in regional evangelistic outreaches. All peers are located in a  residential setting away from the ordinary pressures of life to focus on there complete restoration and healing in Jesus Christ.

We offer a unique opportunity to participate in such a wonderful ministry.
This Ministry is a non-profit (meaning we trust God to meet all our needs). If you feel this may be a place for you and have no money it's ok we trust God here it is free. "Freely we have recived freely we will give. " Here at the FDH we have no payed staff. We trust that if the Lord leads one here He will provide for that as well.. 

The Directors of this dynamic program are Tim and Christine Love. Tim is a seasoned prison chaplain and an ordained minister. Christine attended various classes at LRM and has served alongside her husband in many areas of ministry. Together they lead Evangelism classes and outreaches.

Brian D'souza will guide the participants in some classes and specialty work-training three days a week on the LRM campuses in Litchfield.

The FREEDOM Discipleship House is located on the outskirts of a town of 7000, Litchfield, IL