CTC 2019 - S.H.I.F.T.

Annual Family Conference | August 6 - 9

The LRM Family Conference began in 1980 as the Charismatic Children’s Teachers’ Conference CCTC. Over the 30+ years, it has changed names, purpose, and locations numerous times, until today it is a family conference, with training for all ages. The Christian Training Conference typically includes afternoon classes for teachers, parents, leaders, etc., with separate training for children and adults. All meet together in the evenings. In 2014 we met for four days with only one afternoon meeting for adults. We will seek His will for each year. Some things remain the same: liberty in praise and worship; strong teaching/preaching of the Word; the operation of the Gifts of His Spirit; intergenerational welcoming atmosphere; interdenominal and international; and unity of heart to see His Name alone glorified!! Some years, there are scheduled speakers for each meeting. Some years, the “ministry team” waits on God daily for His will! 

S. H. I. F. T.

​Shaping and Healing Individuals and Families Together

PO Box 250, Litchfield, Illinois 62056
Phone: (217) 324-6215  |  Fax: (217) 324-6215


Registration is completely free to all who wish to attend!  The only thing we ask is that you please register beforehand so our staff can best serve you.  Thank you!


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Children of Destiny

Location:  Sunshine Park Sacntuary, 1200 E Union Avenue, Litchfield, IL 62056

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Guest Speaker:  Steve Sampson


August 1 - 31

School of the Spirit

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Steve Sampson ministers the supernatural in a very natural way. He is regularly used in the Gifts of Holy Spirit.  His dry humor captivates all ages. He is the author of 11 books, but teaches with simplicity.

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